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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 26, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

12:00 am i know she watches that is it for tonight check out the website. sound off at o' word of the day, when writing us to, do not be verecund. the spin stops here, because we are looking out for you. >> sean: a fox news alert. outbreak of severe weather wreaking havoc in the midwest. tornado watches and warnings remain in effect. for the latest on this night of destructive storms in america, with we go to our fox news weather center and janice dean standing by. >> another night of deadly destructive weather across the tennessee river valley and the mississippi valley. i want to get to lawrence county, indiana south of indianapolis of the we have injuries reported. damage, search-and-rescue crews, flattened hopes and people are trapped. that is south of indianapolis.
12:01 am
i'm going to show you that in a second. also reported tornadoes in arlington, northeast of memphis. they had earlier reports of tornadoes on the ground in memphis. strong rotation there. we go to cleveland, ohio live camera shot of that where they are under a tornado watch for the next several hours. you can see the rain coming down there. no warnings in effect. watches, meaning conditions are favorable for tornadoes this is a wide stretch of land that we are talking about if texas all the way across the ohio river valley. tomorrow into the interior northeast. i want to show you ten watches. seven watches in effect. that means conditions are favorable for tornadoes. just ahead of our cold front slicing through memphis where we have these super cells developing into strong rotation, doppler indicating strong rotation. trained weather spotters, spotting tornadoes. then into indianapolis.
12:02 am
i mentioned that apparent tornado south of indianapolis. that line of thunderstorms and with that in the red shaded of polygons that wes where we have our tornado worns in effect. south of memphis and northeast of memphis that's the arlington tornado i reported northeast of memphis where we have strong rotation. then this line that going to move through indianapolis in the next hour or so. that puts them in danger for the possibility of tornadoes. then as we head towards ohio and cleveland, still not out of the woods across the great lakes region where we could see the potential for tornadoes. severe weather threat moving through this re overnight. into tomorrow the risk for more severe weather as we approach the southeast up towards the interior northeast. we'll bring you the latest in watches and warnings throughout the evening. >> sean: janice thanks. we'll continue to keep you updated.
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first, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appeared on this program last night for a cable exclusive interview. despite the recent border controversy the prime minister was surprisingly diplomatic describing i had relationship with the president. >> i think it is a very, very important and positive development and positive relationship. we have a lot of things that don't meet the eye, people don't see it. press loves to take the differences and blow it up. i spent seven meetings with the president. that's a lot of hours. and we have so much more that we agree on those areas that we disagree on. >> sean: i think they call that taking the high road. here with us political analyst, the one and only juan williams. another free speech controversy in a second. look, i thought the president looked -- he almost looked like the academic. here's bebe netanyahu who
12:04 am
lives in the real world where his country is undire threat everyday. when the president, i thought it was in bad form what he did thursday before netanyahu got here. talking about going back to '67 borders. it put beb, in the position he almost had to educate like a professor with a student. why would the white house do that to the president? why would he allow this to happen? >> sometimes you and i are on such different pages. did you see netanyahu in the oval office lecturing our american president? >> sean: yes. >> i thought it was an act of arrogance. >> sean: on netanyahu's part? >> i would never imagine president obama would be visiting israel and would do such a thing to netanyahu. >> sean: what about the president on the day before his arrival after jay carney said they would not do this, call for a return to '67 borders. why would the president sandbag him? our ally.
12:05 am
>> he didn't. he said the status quo cannot stan. >> sean: he said something no other president had said. >> every other president has said we need to have an understanding about a two-state solution and we've got -- >> sean: your "washington post" fact check said, no president ever called for a return to '67 borders. >> every president has said you cannot have israel as an occupying force. and there has to be some sense in which there will be this land swap. which is what president obama is talking about. >> sean: israel has been the victim and 7,000 rockets are being fired into israeli cities on a yearly basis, on an annual basis. you know what the moral equivalent would be. would america sit down with al-qaeda and negotiate with al-qaeda that wants our destruction? >> of course not. what did the president say? he said there can be no fruitful negotiation until the
12:06 am
palestinians acknowledge israel's right to exist. and the president even said he's a zionist. >> sean: instead of lecturing israel and saying something no president has said, why didn't the president call out hamas with the prime minister's visit and say, you recognize israel's right to exist, you change your charter and i will work with israel to get a solution. >> maybe you missed it. the president said just that. and said this effort by the palestinians to go to the united nations in order to isolate israel will not work. the united states will not stand for it. >> sean: there's been an evolution over the course, when he went to aipac he changed his statement from the day before and modified it. >> he's been very clear that the united states is totally dedicated to the security of israel. the idea that the president said this business about the '67 borders has been overplayed that was a strong speech. that was a speech that the "wall street journal" said could have been delivered by a
12:07 am
conservative. >> sean: the speech that netanyahu gave before the joint congress was phenomenal. >> he said what he told you. he said this president has made concrete steps -- >> sean: he was being gracious, trust me. far more gracious -- >> i heard president obama is hugely agitated at the performance that netanyahu put on in that oval office. >> sean: the president created the scenario by sandbagging him with that '67 line. i was like you had professor obama, harvard, columbia, you had somebody living in the real world that was embracing for -- embarrassing for obama >> if you care about israel don't you care about the idea they are locked into this neverending hostility and it is time to change the status quo. time to say we got to come to the table.
12:08 am
>> sean: he said first we must be recognized. second you have to give up unity with hamas, a terror group dedicating to killing jews and israel would sit at the table and make a lot of concessions. >> what concessions are you willing to make? here's president obama saying, you know what, you have to also step up to the plate in order to get -- >> sean: step up to the plate, he did step up. >> he didn't say anything. >> sean: he said they would concede land for peace. >> okay, that's all president obama is asking. >> sean: not '67 borders. >> it is the i deal in terms of what preexisted. you can't have israel as an occupying force. >> sean: they are not. >> come on. >> sean: they've been a victim of terror. >> not only do they fight back the united states backs them with the strongest military in the world. israel's security is not without flaws. nobody is going to harm israel while the united states is around. >> sean: tell that to the kids that are killed.
12:09 am
>> tell that to the palestinian kids. >> sean: if they would stop firing rockets. >> both sides there need to sit down like two human beings and talk it out. right now it is not healing for anybody in the world. >> sean: you can't appease -- the president follows the classic policies of appeasement and netanyahu understands the reality of dealing with terror and evil. and obama is weak. >> that's why we are standing up to this notion of trying to isolate israel in the u.n.? we are standing up, strong and being pro-democracy in the middle east. >> sean: because i'm pro-democracy, i'm going to give you the last word. >> they need to stop drawing lines and they need to talk to each other. >> sean: every time they give land for peace they got fired at. >> they are not giving land for peace now they are occupying it. >> sean: no they are not. >> you think these horrible things, you don't speak out.
12:10 am
you are an accomplice to all this. now you are trying to make money off this. i just wanna know why? sarah palin aide, plus a first look at the film that is sparking furious and serious rumor governor palin may run in 2012. we'll run it for the first time on television. you won't see this anywhere else. i think i just saw the great one. was that him? >> do you think sarah palin will aren't for president? text your answer to: >> i don't think she is running for president. that video looks like something is going on. >> sean: results coming up. host: could switching to geico really save you
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>> sean: a new documentary set to debut in iowa next month. giving an insider look at sarah palin's time in office. the film is titled: "the undefeated." leaving many to wonder if the purpose is a prelude to a potential run? we have a sneak peek of the yet to be released film. by the way, you will only see
12:15 am
it right here on hannity. >> announcer: thompson had been under the control of the working interest owners since 1965. not a single drop of oil or gas found its way into the gas pipeline. in place since 19 -- >> exxon know bowl has committed to begin drilling still has not drilled. >> thompson is consider the largest undeveloped oil and gas field in north america in 1977 exxon mobile signed a lease agreement to explore and drill in this field with >> where i come from, your word is supposed to be good. at least if your name is on a sheet of paper it has to be good. the state said dill it or lose it, exxon challenged the state. the state rose to the challenge and decided they would rather litigate then allow exxon to -- >> it is our land, it belongs to alaskans. it didn't belong to the oil
12:16 am
ands go companies. if they are not going to develop it, get aggressive and take the leases back. >> sean: catch the film this july in select theaters. joining me with reaction sandra smith. and the one and only monica crowley. you think she is running? >> i think if we were to read the tea leaves today all indications are she probably will jump into the race. we have this documentary that will re-introduce her to american voters. we have to admit the left did effective hit job on her over the last few years. this will be sarah palin trying to regain control over her own narrative. she also has said repeatedly, over the last few months, if she looked at the gop field and found it wanting. in other words nobody championing conservative values, she would think seriously about getting in. >> sean: she said something, she has the fire in the belly.
12:17 am
that to me was the closest indicator we've gotten that she is really considering this. >> that's what voters are looking for. somebody who is passionate about what is going on in this country many one thing about sarah palin, the timing of this would be impeccable. when you talk about oil prices still above $100 as of today. goldman sachs says going to was -- going to $135. we talk to people in the induce see everyday who say she would be a big win for the oil industry and gas prices in america. because she would drill baby drill and would probably go into anwr. >> sean: let me talk about what she is going to face through the prism of what has happened with this nbc host ed schultz. her looks have been attacked. her family has been attacked. her clothing, the most vicious,
12:18 am
vile hateful things have been said about her and her family. they said this about laura ingraham n is schultz on nbc news. >> war the republicans thinking about? they are not -- what are the republicans thinking about? they are not thinking about their next door neighbor. they are just thinking about how much this is going to cost. president obama will be visiting joplin, missouri sunday. you know what they are talking about like this right wing slut laura ingraham, she's a talk slut, she was back in the day praising ronald reagan when he was drinking a beer overseas. now obama is doing it, they are working him over. >> sean: he said it on his radio program and he works on nbc news. laura ingraham has responded. first i was surprise odd to learn that schultz hosted a radio show. is it only available online? second, i have to get back to recording the audio edition of
12:19 am
my new book. now i'm tempted to insert one additional zing about men who preach civility but practice misogyny. if governor palin gets in, she will again be on the frontlines of vicious attacks. there's this double today for conservative women. i cannot for the life of me figure out why. tell me why? >> i think it is because, sean somebody like laura ingraham, even greater extent, governor palin because she has been in the public sector, she has run for office repeatedly, she could be a candidate for . when you have a conservative woman in the mix, she represents an existential threat to liberalism. because she lives her life according to conservative values, pro-life, pro gun this woman embodies conservative principles, therefore the left needs to take her out in the way they don't necessarily have to do a man.
12:20 am
>> sean: you have been attacked over the years yourself. >> absolutely. >> sean: nbc news suspended him for a week, was that right? >> the comments were inappropriate, uncalled for. not professional in the least bit and mean. one thing i think a lot of people would like to see from sarah palin is to let some of this stuff, brush it off and let it bounce right off her. at the end of the day ed schultz wasn't worried about his neighbor or the people in missouri. he was putting the spotlight on himself. >> sean: good point. i'm not going to have a double standard. unlike the left i don't call for people to be fired. i don't call for boycotts of people's shows. i think it was so over the line and distasteful, people can decide for themselves. if it was a conservative who said this monica -- >> oh, sean if you attacked, i don't know joy behar, a liberal woman or. if you attacked the white house special adviser
12:21 am
valerie jarrett and call her a slut on this program you would be fired. you would not be in this building tomorrow. that's the double standard. >> back to elementary school, when you feel weak and threatened you name call and pick on somebody. >> on the left this is how they roll because they don't have anything else many they throw this kind of despicable language at the other side because they cannot win on the platform of ideas. >> sean: he owes her an apology more than anybody else. >> absolutely. he owes everyone an apology for using the word on broadcast. >> reporter: >> reporter: this guy brian maloney found there are plenty of other things that he has said over the years that people ignore because it is on the internet, his radio show. i've never heard it. >> nobody has. he has tens of listeners. >> sean: we went often air last night our cameras kept rolling. more of my explosive interview with a former palin staffer,
12:22 am
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>> sean: new data reveals what a shocking failure the anointed one's so-called stimulus bill really is. this chart based on the government's data shows the percent change in the number of jobs 22 months after the end of every recession since world war ii. the anointed one's fiscal policies have produced the worth recovery in the past six decades. america has 5% fewer jobs now than it did at the official end of the recession in 2009. quite an accomplishment mr. president. shocking new report from the government accountability office may help explain these numbers. over 3700 businesses that receive stimulus money are tax delinquent. tim geithner, you are not alone. joining me with analysis the author of the number one "new york times" bestseller, "culture of corruption." michelle malkin. numbers like that, data is tricky. we don't get the fuzzy math that creative accounting that
12:27 am
we are used to getting. >> yeah, that's right. i always remember what nancy pelosi said during the obamacare debate about how she loved numbers, because numbers were so precise. well, the unemployment number is pretty presigh. another precise number is the number that economic advisers for the obama administration, rommer and bernstein gave when they predicted the stimulus package was going to help hold down the unemployment rate below 8%. hasn't happened. because of spending outrages like this cash for tax cheats program that the recovery has been more like a wreck-covery. the gao just came out with this recent report it bears digging into. this needs to be thrown back into the white house's face. look at this, not only do we have nearly 24 billion dollars in taxpayer funds being
12:28 am
redistributed to federal contractors, grant tees that were delinquent, to the tune of 750 million dollars in unpaid corporate payroll and other taxes.6ñm we also have an irs falling down on its job. and stimulus oversight watchdogs themselves that were appointed by the obama administration falling down on their jobs as well. >> sean: the democrats are trying to spin something. there was a special election. you had this congressman taking beautiful pictures of himself in the mirror. they had -- sorry, only way to describe it. but, any way, they had this special election. the trying to spin this, no, no by scaring old people about the ryan plan, for example, this is the ad paul ryan pushing granny over the cliff. just to let people know this is the ad they ran as we get started on mediscare.
12:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: here's the problem. the democrats say we found our tactic for 2012, we going to scare old people. the ryan plan does not impact people over 55. number two it is going bankrupt. they are saving it for future generations. the question i have is how do the republicans counter that? i think we are going to see 100 times worse ads than that in the future. >> they certainly are. you have been predicting it for a while the whole elderly demagoguery, that we are
12:30 am
seeing now in full force. it is only going to get worse, as you say. the way to counter it is the way that paul ryan has been. so the better, calm, logical and green up. last week i did a column think that called adult baby syndrome. i talked about the phenomenon now of americans who do not want to grow up. and who want to remain on cradle to grave entitlements for their entire lives. when you tell them something is going to be taken away they throw tantrums this is the democrat tactic we are seeing now. the lies about the republicans wanting to take away something. when the facts are, as ryan has said, as you have said, as republicans all need to make clear, and say repeatedly, nobody taking anything away. it is opposite. what responsible dumbs in washington like paul ryan and other entitle reformers are trying to do is preserve this near bankruptcies tell for
12:31 am
future generations. it is shameful what we are seeing. not only out of nancy pelosi, harry reid today tweeting that republicans are for the end of the medicare , it is democrats who are for the end of it. as president obama always says the status quo is unsustainable. >> sean: i watched bebe, in a masterful way really just show up the president even in the oval office. he won the debate. is there something to be learned from how he handled the president in his trip to america, when the president tried to sandbag him, the day before his arrival? there's something to be learned here on how republicans should handle barack obama? >> oh yes. i think that prime minister netanyahu has taught amazing lessons. not only in oratory, but also in principle. don't blink. don't capitulate. also, people understand, that moral clarity comes not from something being fed by
12:32 am
committee through a teleprompter. but from clarity of thought. and from moral principled position. that's what republicans can learn from going forward. not only in foreign policy debates as netanyahu has shown. but in our domestic policy debates for sure. >> sean: michelle always good to see you. don't forget us your text vote. we want to know if you think that governor palin is going to run for president? >> sean: we have the results coming up later tonight. wait until you see what happened when the show went off the air last night and my showdown with a former aide to governor palin continued. you layout this garbage and you stayed there and you did the dirty work. and you're the one under investigation. and you're the one that might get indicted. >> check out the truth. >> sean: that's the truth, you're being investigated!
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. is back. president of the institute of the black world, professor ron daniels joins us again. she is a former reporter host on fox sports, currently hosts nbc's poker after dark, leeann tweeden is here. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> congratulations to you john rich our friend for winning celebrity apprentice. >> sean: wasn't that great? i thought it was great. >> it was nerve-racking but great, great job. >> sean: what year is this peter? >> according to me or president obama? american time or british time? >> sean: it is 2011 the last time i checked. he writes in this signing the
12:38 am
date book to 2008. then he's toasting her majesty. here's how it went. let's roll that tape. >> the president: to her majesty the queen. the vitality of the special relationship between our peoples and in the words of shakespeare, to this earth, this realm, this england. to the queen. [ laughing ] >> what was that? interesting. >> i feel bad for him. i don't think that was necessarily the president's fall. the music started playing. under british rule, you can't toast, you can't do anything until the music stops.
12:39 am
he looks at her and she like -- and he goes hooray! i feel bad for him. >> i don't feel bad for him. netanyahu smokes him in the white house. >> 2008, ugh! >> it was a nice toast. and the queen went like -- >> sean: at least he didn't give her an ipod. >> we should be more appreciative of our president. >> why wasn't he invited to the wedding? >> because heads of state weren't invited to the wedding, they said. >> sean: i think the president had a horrible week with bebe. what did you think of the bebe -- >> i think it was a tough week. a lot of things are going on. things he is saying about israel going back to the lines in '67 upsetting that part of the world. this little gaffe in toasting. he's having a hard time.
12:40 am
if you write down 2008 signing a book to the queen. i can understand 2010, you know how you forget on your checks that it is january 2011, you write 2010. obviously there is something going on. >> we shouldn't stifle the israeli prime minister in the white house for making a statement. let him exercise our first amendment rights. he should have spoken out and i'm glad he did. >> sean: time to check in with greta. >> greta: tonight governor rick perry is back. tonight we find out whether he has any intention of running for president. governor huckabee is also here. the all time favorite the legal panel is here. i know that's your favorite. so i hope you stick around and watch. >> sean: the whole show my favorite. greta coming up in 20 short minutes from now. will john edwards be indicted? will john edwards be indicted? as tradition, lee hand [ man ] i've seen beautiful things.
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>> sean: as we continue with our great american panel. time to reveal the results of our text votes: >> sean: interesting results. you think she will run? >> i don't. >> nope. >> i think she might. >> i think she might too. she seems to be getting, as time guess on, more concerned about the nation's progress and she is articulating. i see an edge to her that i didn't see six, eight months ago. >> the fire in the belly comment. she is making great money out there. great personality. she doesn't have to run. >> sean: you are assuming that money motivates everybody. >> i didn't say everybody. i said in her case i think that's the case. >> sean: i think she is governed by her beliefs. >> i hope she runs and wins.
12:46 am
>> do you think she is going to run? >> sean: she might. she's been the hardest to figure out. she holding her cards in close. you wanted to weigh in on bebe? >> i think president obama took great political risk by making the speech he did in terms of going back to the 1967 borders. there is nothing new about that. he talked about swaps of land. >> sean: no president has ever proposed going back to '67 borders. >> he said as a framework and swaps for land. bush did talk about that in that same regard. this has to be resolved. somebody has to stand up to aipac and netanyahu. >> sean: what is wrong with aipac? >> our policy is held hostage by aipac. it is not rocket -- >> sean: what are you saying held hostage, what does that mean? >> because, it is almost as if you cannot talk about israel in terms of our policy there, being an imbalanced policy.
12:47 am
>> that's that old tired routine about zionism controlling the media, that's done that's over. i think we are going to have a dispassionate discussion about borders and palestine and the state of israel. bebe netanyahu was right the folks in palestine don't want to au jus wish state and they need to au jus wish state if there is going to be a recognition of one state there has to be a recognition of both. i think it is immoral to say to israel we are going to condemn you to nine miles of land. >> you are talking about 22% of historic palestine -- >> sean: leann, go ahead. >> obviously, i think we need to support israel. it is a hostile world around them. our policies have to be better. we have to be friendlier towards them. it was hostile what our president said to them. they have an although lie in
12:48 am
us. >> sean: he's got moral clarity he understands because he's living this everyday. the president it is like some academic exercise. gotta run, thank you all. if you missed last night's interview with the former palin aide don't miss this [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value better than any other luxury brand. ♪ intellichoice proclaims that lexus has the best overall value of any brand. ♪ and j.d. power and associates ranks lexus the highest in customer satisfaction. no wonder more people have chosen lexus over any other luxury brand 11 years in a row. see your lexus dealer.
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>> sean: last night i went head-to-head with the former aide to governor palin who wrote the scathing and controversial new book. a memoir of our tumultuous years. our conversation was so heated it continued after the show ended. let me go through this. this is serious. because, i read the book. i see the e-mails that you got. you principled out all of these e-mails. you -- you printed out all of these e-mails you told the u.s. attorney in tennessee you made a copy of all the palin e-mails. was that true? >> her accounts were hacked, i did everything i could to protect the palins. >> sean: you actually kept the e-mails for yourself? >> i didn't keep them. >> sean: in essence you're releasing all these e-mails in public. >> no, that is not accurate.
12:53 am
>> sean: you are releasing a lot in your book. >> i am not. >> sean: how many e-mails are in your book? >> of my own personal e-mails, 30, 40, 50,000, these are e-mails sent to and from me. >> sean: i don't save e-mails that people send me. how long were you thinking back, i'm gonna save these e-mails? didn't you originally have a sarah pack for sarah palin packs weren't you seeking one of those people on that website to help co-author the book? >> absolutely not. >> sean: i have an e-mail that your wife was discussing this herself. >> this person was talking a screenplay. >> sean: and a book. >> i don't -- >> sean: and your wife was e-mailing back anding for is it not true? >> why don't we want a leader that will reduce the size of government? she grew government every year. >> sean: why stay with her?
12:54 am
>> i talk about that. it is a great question. i confess that in the book. she put a planned parent hood judge on alaska supreme court. who was just nominated by president obama on to the 9th circuit that is not a conservative leader. >> sean: i'm trying to understand. i'm looking at you and the motivation. here you've got sarah palin's picture on the cover of your book this is a back about sarah palin this is a woman you early on, you saw all of these problems. you reveal personal information about her relationship with her husband. her relationship with her children in this book. i'm thinking, you save all these e-mas. you think these horrible things about her for all in period of time. you don't spook out. you are an accomplice to all this. now you are trying to make money off this i just wanna know why? loyalty to me is key. if i can't work for somebody, because they don't live up to my principles, i quit. why did you stay and now why are you trying to make money
12:55 am
on it? >> many of the points you bring up are incorrect. if i never made a dime off of this. >> sean: you wrote a book. are you doing this book for free? did you get an advance? >> of course i'm not doing it for free. >> sean: so you are making money off of it. that's my point. >> our difficult story, my life, my wife and children labored through some of the bad decisions that i made. and the decisions that i made to actually carry out things for -- >> sean: i'm trying to understand this why the hell did you stay if you thought she was that awful? >> you know sean, we absolutely need leaders that are honest. >> sean: you're not honest! >> i am truthful. i told the truth. you can check the facts. >> sean: you know what is dishonest? you're full of crap. you are sitting here sanctimoniously, talking about her children, which is
12:56 am
unforgiveable -- i never talk about. you ever hear me talk about bill clinton's children chelsea,? no. obama kids? no. you say they got bad grades because of their mother. the mother wasn't around. the father was out doing his job. kids are getting bad grades. i don't want to hear from my daughter bristol. youqx layout this garbage and you stayed and did the dirty work and you're the one under investigation. and you're the one that might be indicted. >> check out the truth. >> sean: that's the truth. you are being investigated, true or false? >> i've done everything they've asked for. >> sean: are you being investigated by the attorney general? >> no. >> sean: yes you are. the attorney general recently reaffirmed. this has been pending for over a year the attorney general issued a statement recently reaffirming the investigation. true or false, sir? >> there is an ethics complaint like 20 plus that went against sarah palin when she was governor. there are many frivolous
12:57 am
complaints. we have been told that is baseless. i've done everything that the attorney general's office has asked me to do. >> sean: you sit here and throw your rocks and took your cheap shot at me in your book as well. i'm looking at you, right in the eye and i'm telling you, that if you did all these things, and you said all these things for her and you compromised your values, you should have put your cover on the book. and you should have said you compromised your soul. you don't go after children. you sound like a distkpwupbld ed -- disgruntled bitter guy that betrayed her boss. >> what do i have to be disgruntled over? >> sean: you a go to jail. >> come on! i got an amazing front seat to politics. i got a chance to send up 15 judges to operate in our state. i mean, i got an amazing opportunity. i'm not -- >> sean: thanks to governor
12:58 am
palin. >> absolutely. i'm not bitter. >> sean: this book isn't bitter? >> it is owning. >> sean: how would you like it if i spent time around your wife, your children, your family and saved your e-mails for years and had opinions that were evolving about you, but i kept working with for you. kept being friends with you. saving your e-mails and wrote about your kid, your relationship with your wife. and i betrayed you. how would you feel? answer that question. >> i will. but if i put myself out there as someone that i'm not, i would hope that somebody, somebody who loved me, somebody who cared about me, would say, you know what, frank you are wrong. she surrounded herself with people that are cheerleaders. >> sean: i would go to you privately. i wouldn't publish your e-mails. >> people have. >> sean: i wouldn't publish your e-mails. >> people do. >> sean: i wouldn't talk about
12:59 am
your children or your wife or things that i learned in friendship. because you know what? that's a betrayal. you're doing this for a buck. it's sad. >> that's crazy sean. >> sean: it is true. put your own picture on the cover of the book. >> my picture is on there. >> sean: by the way was that cropped? >> were your books photo shopped? >> sean: not that i know of. wait a minute, you put your picture with you behind her, that's not a real picture s it? >> my boy said daddy, why are you so sad? >> sean: that's not a real picture! you had a picture of her with other people that you cropped and put you behind it! >> are you just taking up for her? >> sean: i have not talked to the governor about this! excuse me! i have not talked to the governor about your book, no! >> okay. >> sean: but i read on the internet that you photo cropped it. is that right or


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